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Up Against a Brick Wall: full story...

Why Can't You Just Use the Internet to do Your Genealogical Research: full story...

If Your Family is Not From the Area Where You Currently Live, Should You Join a Local Society: full story...

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Members do not have to be residents of Cobb County or have ancestors in the county or Georgia to benefit from membership in the Cobb County Genealogical Society.

Who are you?

Are you curious about your family origins? Is there a family story that you would like to check out or prove? Would you like to learn more about yourself, explore your knowledge of history, and have fun at the same time? Genealogy is the answer!

Why Join a Genealogy Society?

Up Against a Brick Wall?

When you encounter problems in genealogy, joining a group such as the Cobb County Genealogical Society is often the best solution. With members in Georgia and throughout the United States, as well as exchanges with other genealogical and historical societies, the Society can provide you with a wealth of resources and training.

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