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Up Against a Brick Wall

When you encounter a brick wall situation in genealogy, joining a group such as the Genealogy Society of Cobb County is often the best solution. With members in Georgia nad throughout the United States, as well as exchanges with other with other genealogical societies, the Genealogy Society of Cobb County can provide you with a wealth of resources and training.

Why Can't You Just Use the Internet to do Your Genealogical Research

Genealogists do not consider much of the information currently on the Internet as primary source material. A primary source consists of facts or knowledge, either written or oral, provided by someone who was present at the event recorded in a source - birth, death, marriage, military action, etc. Frequently there is only an index referring the genealogist to the original source. This is like looking up a name in an index and never turning to the page referenced.

Most books, including those published by genealogical societies, are copyrighted. These books cannot be reproduced on the Internet without the written permission of the author or publisher. There are hundreds of thousands of books in libraries and archives that are not available on the Internet.

More local records such as property, tax, willis, and estate records are becoming available on the Internet as they become digitized but you still need to have evidence of the primary source.

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