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Wanted old photos of Marietta & Cobb County, Georgia!



Marietta Daily Journal Death Index Project

Members of the Genealogy Society of Cobb County Georgia are currently involved in indexing obituaries from the 'Marietta Daily Journal' that were published between 1868 and 1939. This is the first phase of the project. When these obituaries have been indexed, the Society will start indexing obituaries from 1940 to current date.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the indexing, please contact the project coordinator, Larry Smith, at

Wanted Old Photographs of Marietta & Cobb County, Georgia

The Marietta Daily Journal (MDJ) has been running historic photographs of Cobb County and its citizens on Page 2 all last year as part of the Journal’s Sesquicentennial Year celebration. Because of the popularity of the feature, the editors have agreed to continue it into 2017 as long as they keep receiving submissions.

The Marietta Daily Journal is still accepting photographs for the feature. All photos don’t need to be from the 1800s or the early part of the 20th century, they can be from the later part of the last century, too.

The MDJ is accepting images from all over Cobb County, but one area of the county that they haven’t had a lot of submissions is from the South Cobb and Southwest Cobb region.  The MDJ will gladly run anything received, but they would really love to tell some more of the rich history in Austell, Clarkdale, and Powder Springs, if possible.

If anyone has photographs from anywhere in the county or with a strong Cobb County connection that they would like to share, please email them in to the MDJ at  Please also submit a description of what the picture is, who people are in the image, what date or approximate year it was taken, and the submitter’s name and telephone number.

Some citizens have stated to the MDJ over the last year that they wanted to participate in the feature, but they didn’t know in what might interest the MDJ. I always tells them that if they think the photograph is interesting, then send it in because more than likely the public is also going to find it interesting.

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Newsroom Administrator
Marietta Daily Journal
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